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BlueMagic 900 Carpet Stain & Spot Lifter

Product Benefits: Instant-no vacuuming, Lifts both oil and water based stains and spots, Easy to use, works on old or fresh stains, Cleans grease, tar, blood, wine, urine, and coffee.

Comments from some customers that purchased this product. - Blue Magic is marketed as a car cleaning product, but we have had no problems using it on home carpeting.

This product is above and beyond what you expect....there are so many out there that "say" they can do it all but this is by far the only one that I have found that actually does!

My white apartment had some small stains a few months ago, so I picked this up to clean them. It worked great when I first used it, and it's been tucked away in the closet since. Yesterday, a full glass of red wine fell onto the carpet. We immediately got this out and sprayed the huge stain with Blue Magic. It turned the red wine blue, and after a minute, we got tons of paper towels to absorb the stain. It took about half of the can, but the stain is 100% gone.

This product received high marks from those that have used it. Almost everyone we could find was satisfied with the product. Comes in a slick looking silver can. rating 10/10

Oreck Premist Soil Release Pre-Spay
This one is designed to be used as a part of a 4 step process to clean your carpets. You use this carpet pre spray as the 1st step in the process. This pr spray will allow you to remove stubborn dirt and stains from the carpet. Then when it drys, you have to use the Oreck Dry Carpet cleaning powder and a carpet brush to finish the process. The final step is you simply vacuum up the rest of the mess and you have a clean carpet.

Resolve® Carpet Cleaner Sprays & Foams

Exclusive formula cleans the toughest stains and leaves an invisible protective layer

Effectively protects against such stains as coffee, juice and soda

Use as a spot cleaner, traffic-lane cleaner or pretreatment spray
32-oz. spray bottle

Resolve markets a complete line of products for carpet cleaning. These include Resolve Professional Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaner, Resolve Carpet Instant Eraser Pet Formula, Resolve High-Traffic Foam, Resolve Triple Oxi Advanced Carpet Cleaner, Resolve Carpet Cleaner: Spot Magic Stain Cleaner.

We found the products easy to use, there is some difference to the products so you might want to choose the one tailored to your particular needs. Most people had positive results with the Resolve Carpet Cleaner Sprays.

If you have pets and they make a mess then you might specifically want the pet formula. One customer said that he used the Spot Magic Stain Cleaner in his car to remove coffee stains and other stains from the carpet. He claimed that it worked like a champ.

The product can also be used effectively as a pre spray treatment for tough spots, when you are going to steam clean the carpet. Spray the tough stain areas and let them soak, then steam clean those tough spots to remove with ease.

Most who used the Resolve would recommend the product to a friend. Overall we give the products a high mark rating 9.5/10